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Foot odor can be saved

Some of the most powerful biological and chemical weapons are elegant and elegant, but in fact, their feet stink. When they enter someone's door and take off their shoes, they cover their noses and vomit.

Foot odor is the pain of most people! Men, in particular, work hard and run around for a living. When they get home, they have to be scolded by their daughter-in-law and said by their children because of foot odor. Even the little pets at home are deterred and retreat. It's hard to say I remember seeing many wonderful reasons for breaking up with couples on the Internet before, and my stomach hurts when I laugh. I clearly remember a sister's reason for breaking up is: your foot smoked roof is about to explode. We're not suitable. Break up! How many men's hearts have been hurt by this sentence.

Especially when the weather gets warmer and the temperature rises, if you put on shoes with strong air protection, the intensity of foot odor will rise rapidly. If you take off your shoes after exercise, you will feel that the anger has passed, and the lethality can be regarded as the strongest biochemical weapon. If it's just that shoes stink, it's OK to say. The key is that because the shoes are hot and humid, or a hotbed for bacteria and fungi, your feet itch. The reason why you still feel hot is that your friends still lack a pair of good insoles.

Today, I will introduce a super comfortable, breathable and deodorizing insole - quantum deodorizing insole.

Deodorization black technology, 150 times adsorption of odor

Friends may be curious, a pair of insoles, no perfume and no activated carbon, how can we do air and deodorization?

The secret is that the quantum deodorization insole adopts physical deodorization black Technology: quantum glue dropping particles.

It adds bacteriostatic quantum glue dropping particles on the non-woven fabric of the insole. When the odor source in sweat: ammonia comes into contact with acidic molecules, it will react instantly.

A deodorizing insole with invention patent certificate - comfortable and close to feet, long-term deodorization, fresh and protective feet, three-dimensional ventilation, cushioning and decompression.