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Drink must see

As we all know, drinking can sometimes bring people happiness and improve circulation, but long-term heavy drinking has no obvious benefits to the body. Long term heavy drinking can damage the liver and other important organs, and there will be alcoholic encephalopathy and alcoholic liver disease. Due to the increase of blood pressure, drinking is more harmful in patients with hypertension.

Results after years of research, a quantum energy water cup was developed. The energy cup is made of more than 30 minerals such as germanium, tourmaline, anion, far infrared ray and magnetism combined with food grade materials.

Therefore, friends with hypertension might as well have a quantum energy water cup, 4 cups of warm water a day, which can effectively decompose oil and blood lipids and achieve the effect of alleviating blood pressure until it returns to normal.

It can also quickly decompose alcohol without choking or spicy:

The traditional Baijiu is poured into the quantum water cup. It only needs to shake for 10 seconds, and the alcohol concentration decreases instantly. It can greatly reduce the harm of alcohol to the body, accelerate the decomposition of alcohol by the liver, and make people easy to wake up and not have a hangover.


■ it is forbidden to drink alcohol (any kind of alcohol) during the use of the product, and drinking is invalid.

■ avoid overeating and staying up late.

■ the product must be used every day. If there are patients taking the medicine, the medicine cannot be stopped immediately.