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The culprit of car fuel consumption

There are many situations of automobile fuel consumption, but the main reasons are as follows: 1. The hot time of the automobile is too long, and the automobile is in idle state for a long time, or in low-grade high-speed, high-grade low-speed state. 2. Spark plug failure: generally, the spark plug needs to be replaced when the vehicle is driving for 20000 or 30000 kilometers. If you feel that the fuel consumption of the vehicle is too high, you can check whether the spark plug has abnormal ignition. 3. The air filter element is too dirty, blocking the air inlet, causing hypoxia and incomplete combustion. 4. The tire pressure is too low and it's hard to run. 5. The oil circuit is not smooth.

So what can be done to reduce fuel consumption?

After 14 years of research and development, it shocked the market and deeply analyzed the new selling points

Energy saving efficiency of each tank of oil: it can increase driving kilometers by 40% ~ 70%.

This product has this effect only for non turbine engines.


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1. The comparison method of energy-saving effect shall be subject to the fixed-point test of high-speed to high-speed or the fixed-point test of general road to general road (the same road section);

2. Test method: each time the oil tank is filled with oil until it overflows (gun jumping is not allowed).

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