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Magic universal laundry ball

Why in the eyes of the older generation, the clothes washed by the washing machine are not clean? Although it can simply remove the dirt on the surface, it can not decontaminate at a deeper level, so this is also a reason why many people are troubled.

Therefore, in order to solve everyone's problems, our company has launched a laundry ball using the latest nano molecular cleaning technology, which can inhibit bacteria, remove peculiar smell, enhance the cleanliness by more than 4 times, and deep decontamination.


Suitable for barrel washing machine and straight barrel washing machine

The high-tech technology is used to decompose the nanostructure of water molecules into small light spheres.


Interaction of water flow, anion and far infrared in water


Solid laundry ball, convenient storage, antistatic, bleaching

The material does not fade, does not hurt the clothes, and can effectively prevent the washing materials from being tangled together