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Still staying up late? This behavior increases the risk of diabetes.

Health sharing, the origin of diabetes, one is genetic, two, is its own reasons.

If you drink and stay up all night, basically three consecutive years of diabetes will be upper body, drinking liver injury, staying up late also hurt the liver, liver if the metabolism is not good, bile secretion is not normal, liver juice secretion is abnormal, gastrointestinal digestion problems, stomach acid too much, and even cause gastroesophageal reflux, then the spleen will also have problems, liver detoxification function will also be a problem, which will increase the burden of the kidneys, when the kidney detoxification is not timely. The metabolism of carbohydrates also has problems. Insulin secretion is abnormal. The so-called diabetes is upper body.

Diabetes is a body, blood sugar may be high and low, too high, many organs of the body's metabolic function will be affected, many complications will occur, this is a very dangerous condition, serious life threatening safety. When it is too low, the nutrition supply is not enough, the heart beats faster, the blood pressure rises, and the serious ones are dizzy. If they are not sent to hospital in time, they may also endanger their life safety.

Alcohol can be drunk, not overdose, avoid staying up late, drink plenty of water and exercise properly, which is a good way to stay away from diabetes.


Inca powder contains 51.4% protein and 49.8% amino acids, of which glutamic acid (10.1%) is most beneficial to growing hair, and the highest content of amino acids is also the highest. Furthermore, arginine (5.83%) is the second only to glutamic acid, and arginine has a very effective hypoglycemic effect on diabetes.

Why use Inca powder:

First, it can increase insulin secretion, reduce the complications of diabetes, and reduce the infection of cold and respiratory tract. Arginine can inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, and has the effects of analgesia, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, thereby preventing colds and have a fever. So using ammonia can significantly reduce respiratory tract infection and prevent the cold.

2、 It can improve male sexual dysfunction and cause male sexual dysfunction from psychological to physiological. Penile erection needs nitric oxide to maintain. The natural way to increase nitric oxide is to increase the content of nitric oxide in penile endothelial cells through oral arginine, so as to help erection. Therefore, it is called natural male sexual function health care products.

3、 It can improve cardiovascular related diseases. Cardiovascular related diseases are the number one killer in China. Arginine can expand blood vessels and increase blood flow, so it can improve the circulation of the whole body. The findings in many studies can improve heart failure and angina pectoris.

If you have diagnosed diabetes, even if you use sugar lowering drugs, but do not control your diet and keep your mouth shut, blood sugar will not be controlled well. Unfortunately, many people can't resist the temptation of delicious food. Due to poor dietary control, blood sugar is also poorly controlled